Car Air Conditioning Geelong

A fresh breath of air seeping through your car. Nice.

Car Air Conditioning Geelong

We fix your cars’ air conditioning – take some of the heat off you!

Car Air-Conditioning Geelong: We help you fix your car air conditioning. Maybe your aircon only blows hot air, doesn’t blow any air at all or it makes noises it shouldn’t. Not a worry. Whether your car air conditioning system needs a regas or an overhaul due to old age, we can fix it. 

Sometimes it’s just about getting the filter cleaned and a few screws tightened before you can let your hair in the wind again. 

We help individuals and businesses all over Geelong with their car air-conditioning repair and have been doing so for a long time. 

We offer a complete set of auto electrical services and air conditioning is just one of the many things we fix.

Should you believe that your car air conditioning needs repairing, we help to diagnose and are expert fault finders. Of the things we can help with regarding the car air conditioning service:

  • Car air conditioning regas 
  • Replacing cooling fans
  • Condenser replacement or repair
  • Cleaning out the cabin air-filter
  • Check for and fix leaks
  • Diagnose AC compressor or replace if necessary

We have competent, qualified auto electricians that can help repair your car air conditioning.

Help is close by. Stop being hot today. Give us a ring!

Car aircon servicing Geelong

Get in touch today and get your air conditioning serviced. 

car air conditioning geelong